Hello! I’m Willy Padel and with you #WeArePadel

We are the first padel tennis clothing store designed with passion by a padel tennis player, for padel tennis players. I’m Willy Padel. I design t-shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories for our favorite sport. #Barcelona #WeArePadel #Padel


Monday-Saturday 9:00–18:00 ET
Sunday Closed

We have been more than 20 years in the world of tennis / paddle, as players, coaches, traveling around half the world … and we saw that the apparel of the padel is always a step down compared to his “first cousin” tennis.

That’s why we started this, not new, way, because we want to give a new look to padel, raise the aesthetic level and reach the quality of tennis.

We are running our first Willy Padel Academy for children and adults in Sitges, Barcelona.

Booking coming soon!

The Willy Padel Academy is run by the renowned Martin Cejas, a professional tennis and padel player.